Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Good Joke

This was labeled as a looking good joke and appeared on Craiglist. It is under the form of a letter:

Dear Good-looking guys,

Thanks for ruining things for us average-looking guys. You, like all men, will tag pretty much anything female. So you go out to bars and other social venues and you go for the low-hanging fruit. You go for the average-looking girl. Why? Because they are easy and don't give you half the shit that hot women give.

So what's the big deal? The big deal is that average girls don't know their place anymore. They suddenly think that they are hot just because they have been banged by a hot guy. They are wrong, and they do not know it. We average guys, however, do know it. We know that the average girl -- in the long term -- is out of your league. We know that she is in our league, the league of the average. But she does not know that.

So the average girl goes on thinking she is hot and holding out for a hot guy to spend the rest of her life with. Yes, it's great for the ego of the average girl. She bangs a hot guy every now and then, and she really thinks she is the shit. No one told her, though, that any guy (hot or not) will bang any average girl. Sadly, the average women develop this "I'll never settle" mentality. Average guys are suddenly not an option for them, leaving us average guys out in the cold. The genuine hot girls, of course, are not an option for us, so that leaves us with the fat chicks. Thanks. Thanks a lot, hot guy. Meanwhile, the really hot chicks are sitting around dissing us and waiting for you to come talk to them. (And we can only imagine the torture that the fat guys are going through as we average guys are forced to mack on their women.)

So do the social scene a favor -- stick with your own kind. Leave the average girls to us, and stop creating delusions of grandeur in their minds. The average chick is our niche. We work hard enough as it is for the average girl. Now you go work hard to bag the hot chick. Don't be afraid of a little work.

Scary Face Email Joke - or Screamers

You can call it a scary face email joke or a random ghoul appearing out of a sudden, the truth is that it is called a screamer. We are dealing with a scary face that appears out of the blue in a usually cute and cuddly movie. It is all a joke, usually sent through emails. Well, the result is usually that the individual jumps out and gets scared just like in the following funny movie. It is a collage of people getting tricked by such scary face jokes:

It is hard to know what scary face prank scared these guys but the most popular screamer around is probably this one:

Monday, December 24, 2007

TurboTax The Rap Video

Here is another funny rap movie I enjoyed from the same dude as before with Happy Holidays. Hope you love it as much as I did! Well, you need to be American to feel the pain of this movie:

Happy Holidays - The Rap Video

Pretty cool and funny video. Some dude singing a song he composed called "Happy Holidays". This guy is pretty funny and he can rap so it is fun to watch. Interesting funny movie: