Friday, July 27, 2007

Cannibal Jokes

Cannibal Jokes 1:

Q: What is a pregnant woman for a cannibal?
A: Kinder Surprise

Cannibal Jokes 2:

An American, a Russian and an African meet. The American says:
“Whenever we want a rush we go to a second hand car dealer and rent cars. After that we go through the mountains at over 100 miles per hour!”
“And where’s the rush?”
“One of the cars has no brakes”
The Russian guy then says:
“We do it differently! We take guns, put them to our heads and fire!”
“And where’s the rush?”
“One of the guns has a bullet in the barrel”
The African then replies:
“When we want a rush we go get some women and make them go for oral sex”
“And where’s the rush?”
“One of them is a cannibal”

Cannibal Jokes 3:

At a cannibal restaurant:
“I would like a plate of brain”
“No problem, we have missionary brain - $10 a plate, explorer brain - $15 a plate and cop brain - $50 a plate”
“Why so much for cop brain?”
“Do you have any idea how many cops we need for a plate of brain?”

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